Why Pop Singers Rule the World

Little did we ever imagine that the semi-pubescent Justin Beiber would be flying around the world doing 30 business shows, One-Direction finally landing a proper U.S. Stadium tour, Rihanna touring Europe and Lady Gaga absenting herself from her world of absurdness because of an injury. The question is how are there so many pop singers being so loved by the audience. What has become of the Hollywood stars, who deserve it all the more? If there is a movie that needs to be shot, there are just a handful of old Hollywood actors being borrowed time from.

State of Pop Music and Pop Singers

The state of Pop music and pop singers as is today was not expected to be so. Earlier i.e. a few years ago, pop music was thought to be a form of artistic commerce that will not change so much as it has already. Just about a few years ago, there was only Beiber and Lady Gaga to be chosen for bigger summer pop shows. With the world being digitised, especially via mobile phones, there is a lot of attention put on just one thing. Whether someone is up to the level of the Beatles or Backstreet Boys does not get as much importance as far as the artist has the attention of a bigger fan base. And the music industry has been explicitly capitalizing on the great power of social media.

The success of pop singers can be attributed to the opportunity of communicating directly with their fans on social platforms such as Twitter. On one hand, Rihanna has 100 million fans on Twitter, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga have 90 million fans on the same platform, Beyonce has over 50 million fans. Beiber and Drake have around 40 million to 50 million fans, etc. On the other hand, Hollywood actors like Will Smith have only 45 million fans and others like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz, Johnny Depp have are not even on Twitter.

With their launch in the world of social media which is connecting cultures and making lives of each other be perceptible as close as through the naked eyed, things have fallen into place for them. The pricey distance of celebs that existed before these social platforms were launched has now become closer to the audience, especially the fans, who almost have a conversation with the artists on their profiles itself.

Pop music has also become a source of advertisement for several labels as well as artists. For example, with the presence of Eminem in Nicki Minaj's video is likely to bring together fans of both the artists into an umbrella, instinctively generating a whole lot of fans for each artist.

Also, exposing relationship exploits on television through music videos generates a lot of sympathy. For instance, music videos on Rihanna's and Chris Brown's togetherness and finally their break-up is likely to make the audience go "aww" and accentuate their emotions when they compare their own lives to that of the celebrity, thereby building up an even bigger fan base.

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