Artist Promotion – Why is it important?

For an artist, no matter how immeasurably talented, promotion is necessary. Be it a singer, composer, performer, deejay or a music band, promotion and branding of an artist is necessary for creating a public image. It is the art of artist promotions that eventually makes you who you are, reaching out your art to millions resulting in achieving maximum exposure for your art and thereby creating a huge fan-base.

Artist Promotion – The Objectives:

There exists various strategies and methods of artist promotion. However, the primary objectives of any such exercise are as follows:
  • Increasing fan base
  • Step up the popularity meter
  • Creating a demand for the artist’s art
  • Increasing visibility and networking with new clients
  • Building relationships with existing clients
Artist Promotion – The Techniques and What do these do?

There exist various techniques for artist promotion and branding that helps attain a wider audience and increased exposure over time. For example, in case of a recording artist, using modes such as MySpace, blogs, both audio and video podcasts are great online tools to promote both the artist and his/her music.  The various Artist promotion packages usually comprise:

This refers to the artist name or brand name development.  Branding is extremely important for any artist as it leads to heightened sales and revenue in later years just because of the existence of the artist’s name. Starting from designing of the logo to planning creative and innovative marketing campaigns to promote the same, all are involved in artist branding.

Website Design:

Another imperative aspect for any artist is the presence of a unique, creative and professional website. This must be efficient and attractive enough to provide great first impressions to new fans and clients and thereafter provide information and interaction enough to retain a fan following.


Online Artist Promotion:

The internet is an extremely powerful weapon for art promotion, in this case, music. Many artists have suddenly achieved worldwide fame with their music or videos going viral. Therefore, online promotion of music in order to reach larger masses of audience is a must in case of Artist Promotion.


One of the most crucial subset of the internet, which facilitates fan base creation or audio/video promotion is the social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Starting from Facebook fan page creation to increased views on YouTube, extensive artist promotion can be done via these sites.

Promo Designs:

Designing a promo is one of the most important parts of artist promotion. Such short  videos that double as eye candy would generate interest and attract viewership in the first place. Use of expert graphic designers for creatively and innovatively conceptualizing videos / presentations such as  songs, remixes, advertisements and the like facilitates your name, logo and art becoming popular. This, in turn, facilitates maximum exposure to both you and your art towards creation of a huge fan base.

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