Top 10 black hip hop models those who become prominent and achieved in their career

Hip hop models are those who are appearing in hip hop oriented music videos and also the magazines related to men. They are also appearing in beauty pageants, award shows and in calendars. They are continuing their job as passion and some others as their routine job, but they should maintain their beauty and perfect body in order to get more opportunities. Those video models are becoming as aspiring singers, dancers or as professional models and they needs to get a commercial exposure. 

There are many hip hop models are those who made their names in the history of music video industry, some people are engaging themselves along with this music video industry and made their career path in those works also. These hip hop models are working as television actresses, fashion designers and TV shows contestant and winning the awards in those areas also. These hip hop models have been started their careers as modeling or acting careers, then in future they needs to get a place in the music video industry through which they can become prominent.

The hip hop models are selected as top 10 in the list are provided as follows along with the videos they have presented. Maliah Michele is the tenth hip hop model in the list. These models are known throughout the rap community and they are very popular for their presence in particular videos. The details of the hip hop models can be delivered with the romps with a number of high profile celebrities and entertainers. They are all feeling worthy because of their characters which they have showed to the music video industry and the hip hop is the best profession they have chosen. 

These hip hop models are giving their presence to the reality shows and also appearing in the album cover. They are launching as rap career and independently releasing their own albums. Angel is the fifth topper in the top 10 black hip hop model and she is regularly appearing on the pages of XXL. The most of the people know her appearance in videos by 50 cent. Meagan Good is really achieved what she deserved. The hip hop honey career of her was having the turning up after entering into the industry of music video. Now she stood up as the fourth top. Melyssa Ford who is the third topper has appeared in the countless video streams and sets her standard in the industry as a fine actresses and hip hop model.

Jesikah Maximus holding the position of second topper although she is very new to the hip hop industry. She has been eye candy in most of the videos in which she has appeared. Vida Gurra is the first top in the lost top 10 black hip hop model and she has given so many videos which can remind her name. Even though she appeared in innumerable videos, she got all those popularity when she was named as FHM’s model of the year. Then she started acting in several prominent videos. She went on launching her own music career. These hip hop models are earning a spot in the hearts of the hip hop lovers around the world.

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Hip Hop Music of the New Millennium

Hip hop soul aka rap soul  is categorized as the sub-genre of existing R&B which rages R&B, neo soul, and variety of jerky and experimental dance elements along with the hip hop. An experienced hip-hop artist tries and ensures the best outcome. Every dance step performed by Hip Hop artist shows the balance as well as maneuverability. It is the uniqueness of performance that distinguishes Hip Hop from other popular dance forms.  Today, there is dedicated hip hop community that works for the growth and development of Hip hop culture. The community is also a discussion forum where like-minded people bring into place the hip hop news and discuss important factors related to the hip hop culture.

Hip hop soul quite interestingly is considered more "mature" as compared to the new jack swing. It however has attained less maturity than neo soul for the very simple reason that the genre's attention is more close to the darker facets of love and life. The genre also makes intense use of adult language and themes (i.e. sex). The Hip Hop Music of the New Millennium comes with innovations and experimentations. Inclusion of hi tech computerized instruments and other digital music consoles has multiplied the effect of Hip hop music and raised its metaphoric appeal more than ever.

Whether we talk of the hi tech  discotheques, or the local gang parties around, it is quite a common sighting to find the Hip hop music playing around and people just letting themselves free off the grounds. That is what Hip hop is all about.  If you are a serious soul, just get straight into the Hip hop culture and you would just get out of all that seriousness.

Hip-hop music in general has the close association with rap music. Take for example the 'Gangsta’ rap, which influenced the modern society for the very simple reason that it was considered to be the natural escape from the stress and tension.

Some of the great Hip hop music of the New Millennium lists:

  • Wild Thing by Tone Loc
  • You Be Illin' by Run-D.M.C.
  • Mentirosa by Mellow Man Ace
  • Me Myself And I by De La Soul
  • The Message by Grand Master Flash & The Furious Five
  • Pray by M.C. Hammer
  • Ditty by Paperboy
  • O.P.P. by Naughty By Nature
  • Joy And Pain by Rob Base/DJ E-Z Rock
  • Scenario by A Tribe Called Quest
  • Method Man by Wu-Tang Clan
  • Gangsta's Paradise - Coolio
  • Juicy by The Notorious B.I.G.
  • Back To The Hotel by N2Deep
  • (I Know I Got) Skillz by Shaquille O'Neal
  • People Every day (Metamorphosis Mix) by Arrested Development
  • Summertime by DJ Jazzy Jeff/The Fresh Prince
  • Informer by Snow

With the Hip hop culture still growing and quite prevalent, there are more euphonic titles to come across for the hip hop lovers. Many of new age singers, especially Ashanti, Keyshia Cole, Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, besides Amerie, are the votary of Hip hop music and they are playing pivotal role in building hip hop community strong ad stronger.

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Why Pop Singers Rule the World

Little did we ever imagine that the semi-pubescent Justin Beiber would be flying around the world doing 30 business shows, One-Direction finally landing a proper U.S. Stadium tour, Rihanna touring Europe and Lady Gaga absenting herself from her world of absurdness because of an injury. The question is how are there so many pop singers being so loved by the audience. What has become of the Hollywood stars, who deserve it all the more? If there is a movie that needs to be shot, there are just a handful of old Hollywood actors being borrowed time from.

State of Pop Music and Pop Singers

The state of Pop music and pop singers as is today was not expected to be so. Earlier i.e. a few years ago, pop music was thought to be a form of artistic commerce that will not change so much as it has already. Just about a few years ago, there was only Beiber and Lady Gaga to be chosen for bigger summer pop shows. With the world being digitised, especially via mobile phones, there is a lot of attention put on just one thing. Whether someone is up to the level of the Beatles or Backstreet Boys does not get as much importance as far as the artist has the attention of a bigger fan base. And the music industry has been explicitly capitalizing on the great power of social media.

The success of pop singers can be attributed to the opportunity of communicating directly with their fans on social platforms such as Twitter. On one hand, Rihanna has 100 million fans on Twitter, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga have 90 million fans on the same platform, Beyonce has over 50 million fans. Beiber and Drake have around 40 million to 50 million fans, etc. On the other hand, Hollywood actors like Will Smith have only 45 million fans and others like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz, Johnny Depp have are not even on Twitter.

With their launch in the world of social media which is connecting cultures and making lives of each other be perceptible as close as through the naked eyed, things have fallen into place for them. The pricey distance of celebs that existed before these social platforms were launched has now become closer to the audience, especially the fans, who almost have a conversation with the artists on their profiles itself.

Pop music has also become a source of advertisement for several labels as well as artists. For example, with the presence of Eminem in Nicki Minaj's video is likely to bring together fans of both the artists into an umbrella, instinctively generating a whole lot of fans for each artist.

Also, exposing relationship exploits on television through music videos generates a lot of sympathy. For instance, music videos on Rihanna's and Chris Brown's togetherness and finally their break-up is likely to make the audience go "aww" and accentuate their emotions when they compare their own lives to that of the celebrity, thereby building up an even bigger fan base.

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Artist Promotion – Why is it important?

For an artist, no matter how immeasurably talented, promotion is necessary. Be it a singer, composer, performer, deejay or a music band, promotion and branding of an artist is necessary for creating a public image. It is the art of artist promotions that eventually makes you who you are, reaching out your art to millions resulting in achieving maximum exposure for your art and thereby creating a huge fan-base.

Artist Promotion – The Objectives:

There exists various strategies and methods of artist promotion. However, the primary objectives of any such exercise are as follows:
  • Increasing fan base
  • Step up the popularity meter
  • Creating a demand for the artist’s art
  • Increasing visibility and networking with new clients
  • Building relationships with existing clients
Artist Promotion – The Techniques and What do these do?

There exist various techniques for artist promotion and branding that helps attain a wider audience and increased exposure over time. For example, in case of a recording artist, using modes such as MySpace, blogs, both audio and video podcasts are great online tools to promote both the artist and his/her music.  The various Artist promotion packages usually comprise:

This refers to the artist name or brand name development.  Branding is extremely important for any artist as it leads to heightened sales and revenue in later years just because of the existence of the artist’s name. Starting from designing of the logo to planning creative and innovative marketing campaigns to promote the same, all are involved in artist branding.

Website Design:

Another imperative aspect for any artist is the presence of a unique, creative and professional website. This must be efficient and attractive enough to provide great first impressions to new fans and clients and thereafter provide information and interaction enough to retain a fan following.


Online Artist Promotion:

The internet is an extremely powerful weapon for art promotion, in this case, music. Many artists have suddenly achieved worldwide fame with their music or videos going viral. Therefore, online promotion of music in order to reach larger masses of audience is a must in case of Artist Promotion.


One of the most crucial subset of the internet, which facilitates fan base creation or audio/video promotion is the social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Starting from Facebook fan page creation to increased views on YouTube, extensive artist promotion can be done via these sites.

Promo Designs:

Designing a promo is one of the most important parts of artist promotion. Such short  videos that double as eye candy would generate interest and attract viewership in the first place. Use of expert graphic designers for creatively and innovatively conceptualizing videos / presentations such as  songs, remixes, advertisements and the like facilitates your name, logo and art becoming popular. This, in turn, facilitates maximum exposure to both you and your art towards creation of a huge fan base.

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